Payment Information


  H&S Accepts payments either by mail, in person at our offices and electronically though our website. An after Hours night payment box is available to any insured or agent who wishes to make payments after hours. Do not place cash into the night payment box.

Monthly Payments and Down Payments

Cash, personal checks and money orders are all accept for all payments and may be sent by mail or paid directly at our office. Credit card and electronic check are accepted at our website,, by telephoning our office, by visiting your agents office or by making the payment directly at H&S’ office. We only accept MasterCard and Visa.

Down payments must be paid at the time of application. Cash, personal checks, money orders and credit cards are accepted for down payments.

Monthly payments accepted by your agent must be called in to H&S and will receive 4 additional days grace before late or cancel fees will be accessed. Payments accepted by the agent on behalf of the insured are not considered paid until the payment is received in H&S’ office.

Loan Payoff

Any Insured wishing to payoff their loan must call H&S for the payoff amount and the date by which the payoff must be received.

Last Day to Reinstate Your Policy

Payments received on or after the Last Day to Reinstate date may or may not be reinstated at the sole discretion of your insurance company. While H&S will make a request for reinstatement of your policy, H&S can not be responsible for the decisions of the insurance company concerning the reinstatement of your policy.


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